Monday blues

It should have been a wonderful Youth Day school holiday but…

the hubs had to attend some ceremony and we could not have a nice day out. I believe he must have felt irritated also and asked me out for a walk in the morning. Putting on my sports shoes, I went down with him and within one minute, I had to call it quits. My heel hurt a great deal and the pain had shot up to the thigh area. I suspect the pair of running shoes is now too small for me and I ended up going back to rest.

The only thing that I looked forward to was the massage session in the evening. I have been looking forward to this day! My body aches and my legs hurt with cramps every other night. But when the hubs and I reached that place, we realised that the shop was empty! Arghhh! The business must have ceased and they didn’t inform us! Darn!

It’s really a dampening Monday. To be honest, being pregnant can be wonderful but not everything is beautiful. While I know deep within me, I would rather have all the pains and sickness in exchange for a healthy and normal baby, I have to admit that at times, I can’t help but feel the blues. The dear hubs has been very supportive and tries his best to cheer me up. Sometimes I feel bad for him so I guess I need to pick myself up.

So, from the motherhood forum, I have found a person who can do prenatal massage and she’s one who would go to the person’s place to do it. I don’t even have to travel! When I called her, she advised me to wait till I am in my 21st week before going for it. I’m thankful for her honesty and so I will wait it out. *Jenny*

So next, I need to get some workout. Besides walking, I would want to sign up for yoga/pilates since I know my lower back is weak and might pose problems. So, yes, waiting for the other party to reply.

Have emailed PEM confinement agency. Awaiting their reply.

Will visit hospitals this weekend. I think we are pretty set on two. By this weekend, we should confirm the hospital for delivery and also the prenatal classes.

Will need to purchase insurance too.

Will need to get flu jab for my next gynae visit. Now coughing already. ANd would need to consult a doc if the pain in the heel still persists.

Oh…so many things!


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