Everything’s gonna be all right. Have faith.

Each time when the hubs msg me, my heart would jump a little because that might mean that he had news for me.

We were expecting Dr Poon’s clinic to update us on the results yesterday (Thursday) as we have chosen the ‘express’ results = extra $ pumped in. In the late morning, the hubs msg me, saying that the testing side had verbally told the clinic that the result came back ‘normal’ but they have not faxed the report over. Dr Poon would only call him after he had the physical report to confirm.

I was in the middle of a training session and imagine my joy! I immediately headed towards one of my colleagues and broke the news to her. But I also knew that I should play safe and should only allow the joy to overflow when the report was confirmed.

In the afternoon, at around 3pm, the clinic called. Oh no! They were not supposed to call me. We have specifically asked the clinic to call Ken because I want him to be the bearer of any news. I answered, heart pounding. The call was diverted to Dr Poon and the first thing he said was, “Congratulations!”

I must have broken into smiles. And why not? Dr Poon told me the baby does not fall under any of the 3 chromosomal disorders and that the baby is a princess! Woot!

So, the hubs and I were very much relieved and went to a Thai place near our place for dinner. Had Pad Thai and Tom Yam which were really really authentic. The Tom Yam was spicy and sour the way I like it and the Pad Thai was deliiiicious! The hubs ordered a plate of honey chicken rice and yet another plate of chicken wings which was rather special, different from the normal fried chicken wings as they contained some stuffed meat. A good Thai place and a must-go!

Nakhon Kitchen
Block 136 Bedok North Avenue #01-166

After that, to mom’s place cos she cooked bird’s nest soup for us. Thanks so much. So timely!

In KL, I bought some clothes for Quekling and by faith, I bought her this. And it will fit her just well!

And any wonder if we call Quekling Faith? =) The journey has just begun.
And this song kept surfacing in my mind, like the repeat mode. A song we always sang in the international fellowship we attended in Boston. How apt.


One thought on “Everything’s gonna be all right. Have faith.

  1. I hv a friend who named her daughter Faith as well cos they were trying for more than 10 years and still didn’t get pregnant. But they kept the faith and today they hv a beautiful 2-year-old gal. Can’t wait to see my niece!

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