The Amniocentesis Test Day

The weeks leading to this day were not without anxiety or stress. There is no one day that I didn’t think about the procedure. I asked around, read up more and did more research.

I must admit, I am clueless when it comes to pregnancy. Had I known that I would conceive so soon, I would start taking frolic acid and the relevant multi-vitamins months before I come back to Singaland. The only consolation is that Sarah had advised me to eat healthily in preparation for this process and I thank God I heeded her advice. In the US, I had the time to plan proper diet and eat balanced meals and exercise well. This must have helped, I reckon.

I have been rather listless these two weeks. I sought comfort in friends who assured me of God’s plan for us and of the baby and of His character. Churchmates, present and ex, rallied to pray for us. Am thankful to God for these groups of brothers and sisters.

Apart from them, I found myself calmer after reading the sharing of mums who had gone through similar-type-of experiences in the Singapore Motherhood Forum. I believe you can never really console another without experiencing the same problem and from that forum, I sought comfort and assurance.

After nights of praying, the hubs and I prepared to go for this procedure. An hour before the scheduled appointment, I went to my uncle’s Wantan noodle stall to have my fill since Quekling was hungry again. This time round, it was the deluxe version which was wantan, dumpling (sui jiao), a plate of vegetables and duck. It was as if I’m having my last supper. Met mom there too but hesitated to tell her what I would be going through in the next hour or so.

Reached Dr Poon’s clinic just on time and after waited for a while, I was called in. Dr Poon asked, “So you are here to take the amnio test?” Duh…of course.

He explained to me the procedure once again in more detail and this time round, told me that there would be a higher risk if the placenta is in front of the fluid (whatever it means). In that case, the needle would have to go through the placenta before reaching the fluid. He also warned that he and I could not guarantee that the baby would not suddenly move and touch the needle.

After all these, my blood pressure was taken (116/86) and the hubs and I signed two forms before the short ordeal began.

Dr Poon sterilised my abdomen and used the ultrascan to detect the best position to insert the needle. Dr Poon told me that the placenta was behind so that’s a piece of good news. It took a while to detect a nice spot since Quekling was moving a lot. “The baby is very active. Once I settle on a place to insert the needle, the baby moves again!”

I was thinking and praying, “Quekling, pls don’t move! I purposely eat just now so that you can sleep now!”

Finally Dr Poon found a spot and from that point, the needle was inserted. Closing my eyes, I started praying that it would be smooth, that Quekling would not move anymore. God has a plan to prosper us, not to harm us…God is in control…God!


In less than five minutes, Dr Poon’s voice filled the air, “Congrats, the procedure is successful.” I opened my eyes and he even showed me where he inserted the needle to prove to me that it hasn’t touched Quekling. But oh! What a huge tube of fluid he extracted out! It was light yellow, much like our urine. “The fluid is clear with no blood which is good!” he assured me.

Dr Poon then told the nurse to get a normal syringe which she fumbled because she didn’t quite understand what he meant. A normal one, came his calm and peaceful instruction and after much fumbling, she found it. Actually, he wanted the cap so that the cap could enclose my syringe of amniotic fluid. “Don’t drop it,” as he instructed the nurse, I was really praying hard that she would remain clam and do likewise.

Sensing Dr Poon’s ease and positiveness, I was much at peace. He kept saying that the baby was active which is a good thing since it means the baby is healthy. Quekling, maybe you can be an athlete when you grow up.

So I was asked to rest for the next few days and if I encountered any discharge or blood discharge, I would have to call him immediately. Was given antibiotics and duphaston (an tai yao) and MC for today and tomorrow which means no meeting for me the next day! I was asked to go back for review on Friday.

It took almost 20 minutes for the whole session to complete, less than 5 minutes for Dr Poon to extract the fluid. After that, I went home with the hubs, well enough to drive back home.

More waiting ensues. And I’m definitely praying that there will be no complication.

@ 52kg


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