Little flutters, little pleasures

Quekling woke me up in the middle of the night and urged me to find food for her. Hungry!!! The kitchen does not have healthy stuff for her and in the end, I settled for ‘Sa Chi Ma’ which was given by mom. The next few hours saw me going into the study room to send some emails, read some pregnancy books and the bible

and I finally got to sleep at around half past four.

At 6.30am, I was awoken again in the pursuit of food. Oh man! I thought I had a decent dinner the night before????

So, in the end, we forgo our morning walk and went straight to the golden arch. The salty sea breeze greeted our senses as we emerged from our vehicle. Ahhh….the familiar smell, the peaceful surrounding…my playground.

Big breakfast for both of us!

Enjoying the sea breeze.


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