@ 16 weeks

I have put on 3kg thus far! Goodness! My tummy is more rounded now even though many still comment that they can’t see the bump perhaps due to the clothes I wear. Do not be deceive, people!

Other than the tummy, my face has grown more fleshly too, as well as the thighs and arms. Sigh! I really need to tone all these areas lest they get out of hand. I must make time to exercise to stay fit and trim (though it’s rather hard to achieve the latter or am I wrong?).

Can you see my rounded face? And my hubs who promises to grow old/fat with me. =p

I cannot even buckle at the waist area with the backpack that I used to travel with. That is how much my tummy has grown!

Despite that, I should still continue to eat well and pamper myself!


3 thoughts on “@ 16 weeks

  1. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT even think abt toning those arms. Some ppl believe that you shouldn’t even be lifting your hands over your shoulders. Old wives’ tale or otherwise, let’s be more cautious. Doesn’t hurt to put on a few pounds and get yourself in shape AFTER the delivery. Once you lose the baby, it’s forever and irreversible. Dun fret yourself over the kilos. Now’s not the time. If the gynae’s not ringing any warning bells, you shouldn’t be as well. Your first and foremost concern now shd be your baby, not you. Have a friend who lost her baby recently cos she didn’t wanna put on weight and was limiting herself (or so we were told). Her baby was 5-months-old and it was very tragic for not just her, but the entire family as well. You’re not even big to begin with. Yes, I’m nagging. But pls, take heed and save yourself the regrets and heartaches.

    • Yes yes, don’t worry. You must read towards the end of the entry – I will still pamper and eat well.

      To be honest, even if I want to cut down on the food to eat, the being will protest and I have to eat in the end. So, yup, I didn’t limit myself to food. =)

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