Housewarming #2

I wish the new oven is my friend. As it is now, I have yet to fathom the true temperature even though it is reflected on the knob. My baked products either come out overcooked (thus looking less than palatable) or undercooked but giving the impression that it is charred.

Over these few days, I have discarded the bread that I have baked and yesterday, the orange almond tart which was meant for my friends at STB.

Sigh! Despite that, I’m glad to have a short catch-up session with our ex-colleagues, many of whom have moved on to schools after the stint. We seemed to have drifted a little but that’s rather expected. Hopefully, the meet-up will continue…

This time round, only food is captured.

Simple fare

Dorine bought cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. Always a crowd pleaser.

Something chinese and my green tea financier

Instead of egg mayo with ham sandwich, I did it with choux pastry. My version of egg and crabstick mayo with ham profiteroles.

Ken bought Oreo Cheesecake and I must remember not to use serrated knife to cut it.

JJ and JL intrigued by the butter cookies that are shaped like dogs.


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