@ 15 weeks

Hello! I realised that I am actually 15 weeks into pregnancy since I have just discovered the date that I had my last menstruation. It’s not 16 weeks! Ai yah!


At this point, I am officially shedding my S size and inviting M size clothes. I’m neither here nor there and it’s hard to buy maternity clothing. Thankfully, I could do with the pass-me-downs from friends.

Appetite hasn’t increased in leaps and bounds but I do need to have small bites at a more regular basis. Fruits are my favourite friends, like grapes and apples. I don’t like sugared drinks, thank God cos I think they are too sweet for my liking. Have no desire for coffee and that’s weird. My back hurts, especially the lower back and I’m not sure if it is a result of the fall I had in Boston. It’s the same area though. =(

Otherwise, I’m doing fine. I need to remind myself that I’m pregnant lest I stretch too much when I get out of bed in the morning or to pee. It hurts when I over-stretch.


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