The consultation

We went to consult Dr Poon for our next course of action. Dr Poon explained to us the results. Everything was all right with me. In fact, I was very healthy with good amount of anti-biotics in my body but sadly the baby was in high risk.

Because of this, Dr Poon recommended Amnio test. I explained that I wanted to wait it out until the detailed scan was made but he corrected this thinking and added his viewpoint. The detailed scan at week 20 will tell us the structures of the body, the measurement and stuff but it is not a good test for DS. If we want to be sure, we have to do it in 2 to 3 weeks’ time since there is a window period to do that.

We maintained that we would still go ahead with the pregnancy whatever happens and he understood that. He shared with us his experiences with many patients with similar encounters and suggested that the test results will serve to prepare us if anything should happen.

As a doctor, I believe it is in his duty to lay before us the many possibilities and to give his professional viewpoint. As a teacher, I do tell parents about the shortcomings of the child to the parents (and I know many parents do not like to hear those stuff) so that they can be informed and to recommend suitable measures to help the child. From a professional standpoint, I understand where he’s coming from.

As he did the scan on Quekling, it is heartening to note that Quekling has been growing physically well and healthy too based on the heartbeat. Dr Poon was pleased with the growth.

So, to prepare ourselves, we are going for the test and definitely praying that it will be smooth.

Wt: 51kg


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