Almost there.

This day, I celebrated the near ending of the first trimester and of the school term. One more week to go before I can go on slower gear.

May has been mad. The vetting of papers was time-consuming and on top of that, the never-ending marking of assignments and administrative work just ended to the stress. Gone were the days when I could work non-stop. These days, by evening, I would have developed a headache and all I could do was to rest. Might as well, since Quekling or my body needs it.

In terms of the pregnancy, I’m thankful that I didn’t experience morning sickness or sudden craving of a certain food. Constipation, yes or an inclination towards curry or spicy stuff but that’s about it. I would have hoped that I could have a better diet aka mom’s cooking or home-cooked food but what I do with currently are canteen food and eating out. Am thankful too that the hubs will go out of his way to search for curry puff or bread for me and yes, I’m appreciative.

And today is our 4th visit to Dr Poon and we are to do the Oscar test. As usual, I didn’t have a full bladder even though I have drunk so much! ‘I have a dry body’. Note: Please drink A LOT of water! Quekling is very active and has double in length (@ 65mm), so said Dr Poon as during the scan, Quekling has been ‘jumping’ here and there. Hmmm…And I also need to consume more milk. Noted.

After this, the hubs and I went to Nex to have our lunch. During our quest for a decent meal, we came across Spring Maternity and yours truly was so excited. You see, I am outgrowing my current dresses and pants, such that it has been rather uncomfortable wearing them. Connie, a dear gf, has passed some maternity clothes to me but many are too large for me at this moment. So, the shop came to sight at the right moment! My shopping mood suddenly returned!

After a hearty Japanese lunch, we popped by my new favourite haunt and bought 3 pants/shorts and 2 tops which I can still wear after giving birth. Hurray! The hubs must have sensed my excitement and teased me about it. And I have decided that I would not go for an overseas holiday in June. I would rather use the money on the many different cuisines and shopping! I must say, today, I really enjoy the beginning of a new phase of my life.

See what shopping can do to a woman!

@ 50kg


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