Finally, a day of rest on a Thursday.

Nope. The one-week holiday is actually not ours to claim. It’s the children’s. I’m just glad that I have Thursday and Friday to bum at home, a choice that I intentionally make.

Ken and I have shifted into the apartment on Saturday. Thankfully, a cell group member was away during that weekend and loaned us his station wagon which was really a blessing. We were able to transport a few suitcases of clothes and books. The rest? Akan datang.

So today, mom brought me to the popular blocks of flats in Tampines where there are rows of supermarkets, coffeeshops and all the different kinds of shops you can find in the heartland. This place is absolutely teeming with life!

So mom brought me around and taught me how to bring certain cuts of meat and since she was so ‘friends’ with the stall owners, I got discounts too. A bonus when you shop with mom.

In that one morning, a few hundreds of dollars were contributed to the economy. The initial setting up of a home really requires cash! Hopefully, we don’t have to fork out more as we settle in.

And do you know which space is my favourite in the apartment?

You guess it right! It’s the kitchen. What else?

The service area. Does the dryer make noise when it is in use? The noise made by the buttons on the shirts?

The trustworthy machines. The gas is supposed to be installed today but my contractor made a boo boo and now we had to postpone it. Thankfully, the rice cooker works wonders. Next up, the standmixer!

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