@ Katong

2 months have passed and I’m dead tired. I’m so looking forward to the one week break mainly because the flat would be ready for us to move in. Meanwhile, I should learn to rest and relax more and stop thinking about work ALL the time. I’m still trying to fathom why K could just go home and relax while I would be marking away or preparing for a meeting the following day. *scratch head*

These two months hardly saw us running. The most I got was the walking up and down from the classrooms to the office, the stomping towards the MRT station and the stroll towards our flat to have our regular updates. Apart from that, the heart gets little hard-core pumping.

I’m really hoping that life will settle soon after we move in.

Meanwhile, here’s my comfort food before we watched Hugo today.

And then a cappuccino and a brownie before we head for the show.


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