The Feasting Season Begins!

Happy Chinese New Year and…do watch that waistline of yours!

Chinese New Year is a time of feasting and gathering of family members. This year, my family was complete with my brother coming back, together with my future sis-in-law and my sis and her family! This year is also the year that Ken and I have to start distributing the red packets. Ouch!

However, the giving of ang pows does not pain as much as taking in of all those new year goodies. On the first day, we visited about 5 families by 3pm and all these Peranakan folks kept asking you to eat their baked goods. My stomach could no longer hold any of these stuff anymore. So, I find the following tactics work.

1. Share with your other half. And when you break into half, eat the smaller part.

2. Ask for plain water instead of sugared water.

3. Eat slowly so that you will forever be seen with your mouth moving.

4. Say that you are watching your intake lest you develop sore throat. Also state that you are a teacher and you need your voice to do your job. This is the best tactic.

Hope these work for you. Happy New Year and I’m leaving you with these mouth-watering goodies.

This is the wonderful Yu Sheng that Ken’s auntie prepared. ❤

Prepared with love. Peranakan reunion dinner.

Huat ah!

Kueh Pai Tee

Lovely CNY Cupcakes

And the many tubs of CNY goodies. Burp!


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