I survived!

This is life.

That we wake up at 4.45am, set off to work at 5.30am and leave the workplace at 5 or 6pm. The first week was aw……ful. It was a new position for me although it was not entirely unfamiliar but I need transition time nonetheless. What made it worse was the fact that emails kept coming in before the first day started and information overload resulted.

Coupled with work is the need to look into our apartment matters. L, our ID, met up with us to have a look at the site. We have decided to engage him because he is experienced and his concepts matched ours. More importantly, we are comfortable with him and are assured that he will do a good job.

Meeting up with ID to discuss the concepts can be a very tiring activity, especially to the mental health. So it’s important that we do not meet up after a day of hard work lest you make the wrong decision!

And can you imagine my great joy when Friday approached? Hooray! Finally, the mind could rest. Meeting up with M and P to sign some documents which I am to be bonded for another year, we were treated to an Indian cuisine by the all-time wonderful M. It’s always good to be around these girls because we could talk about education and all the stories that not many have heard. =p

And today, we met up with our ID again to select tiles. Tomorrow is the start of second week at work! Dear hubs, can you work harder so that I can be a homemaker? =p

I need to be optimistic.


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