Goodbye 2011

2011 had been great, if not, one of the best years thus far. That’s mostly because of the people God has blessed us with who helped us to grow so much in our faith. Being able to pursue our interests helped to make 2011 a wonderful year indeed. So overall, 2011 was awesome.

We ended 2011 with the meeting up of our ex-colleagues at Fengshan Market, treating ourselves to delicious local food.

 Courtesy of D.

And of course, we got our keys to our new apartment. Hooray! That is a great gift from the Lord and we did not waste time in meeting up with our ID. Hopefully we could move in latest by April.

So, the summary of my 2011 to-do list:

1. Drive in Boston at least once on an outing Completed!
I’ve driven to Wrentham Premium Outlets and Plymoth when the family came in June! It’s fun!

2. Clock 800km mileage by end 2011 Not met!
I’ve clocked the least mileage this year. I guess it all boils own to discipline. =/

3. Food/photography trip to NYC Completed!
An invitation from S, it was euphoria initially until it developed into apprehension. After all, since knowing and getting together with Ken, the thought of not being with him even for a few days sounds gloomy. But when I thought about those trips I had with my gfs, I thought ‘why not?’.

4. Plan tour of Boston for family Completed!

5. Bake 10 different cupcakes Not met
Macarons have taken over cupcakes and I was so intrigued by macarons that cupcakes were ignored. Sorry!

6. Bake 10 macarons of different flavor Completed!
What an adventure! Though I have attempted 10 different flavours, I will still bake more! I’m hooked!

7. Go for baking class  Completed!
No culinary education doesn’t mean the end of the world. I have signed up for an advanced baking course that spans over 5 sessions from The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and also other classes by Master Pastry Chef Delphin. Love these classes and I certainly hope we will have such classes in Singapore.

8. Teach baking of any item Completed!

9. Complete and write short reviews of 30 50 books Completed!
This is highly achievable since I have time here as compared to working life. I get most of my culinary information through such means and am so loving it! See my progress here! As of end Oct, I have read 55 books! What an achievement! =D

10. Half-marathon on/near wedding anniversary. Completed.
Ran the Boston half-marathon on 9 October.

11. Attend nutcracker in Boston. Completed!
It’s a tradition! Since I’m here, why not?

12. Attend a symphony in Boston. Completed!
Attended on 9 Dec compliments of the folks at PSIF! Thank you so much!

13. Go for pilates class and practice pilates Completed!
I know I have a weak back and I hope to strengthen it through such means.

14. 10 different types of sandwiches! Completed!
No evidence to show though. =(

15. Reread NT again I believe we have completed.
I’m doing various BS from NT and I realised over the years that I know so little about the Bible. There is so much to learn about the Almighty and while I would not be able to know everything, it does no harm in wanting to know more since His word is living and gives us life!

16. Visit apple farm in Autumn and bake one dessert from the picked apples!Completed!
It remains as one of the best outings I have had in New England.

17. Complete the tutorial on Pastries Completed!
Look for the tab ‘pastries’.

18. Do a tutorial for brioche Completed!
Look for the tab ‘brioche’.

19. Learn elementary French Japanese Not started at all. 
I guess this is not a priority at all.

20. Complete my home-based culinary programme Will always be work-in -progress…
I suppose this is an unrealistic goal because you can never learn enough. It’s always a work-in-progress and the more you read, the more you discover that you have so much more to learn! It’s just like reading the Bible. You can never say, “I know it all”. So this goal, I  conclude, is a badly crafted one.