Busy bees

Since coming back, both K and I have been kept busy with work, meeting up with family and friends, viewing our flat (at last!) and meeting up with prospective IDs for our apartment.

Thankfully, we didn’t suffer too badly from jetlag. At most, we just woke up automatically at 2am and then went back to sleep. Apart from that, the days have been fine and we were able to go through the day without much trouble. Thank God!

It feels good to be back at BBTC though we didn’t manage to catch up with our cell group members since they went for a different session. There will always be opportunities!

Finally managed to see my dear nephew and he’s such a big boy now! The last time I saw him, he still needed someone to support his walking but now, he can manage on his own and can communicate with others. He’s such a nice boy and it’s a delight to be with him!

I believe if you have a genuine friendship with someone, you wouldn’t feel strange or uncomfortable with the friend even if you could only manage to meet up once in a blue moon. That happened to my friend, YL and I. On Tuesday, while running some errands, I casually msg her if she would be around the area. There was an enthusiastic reply and we met up, just like the good old times. The only difference is, we are no longer the gawky, bespectacled schoolgirls that we used to be. We have both blossomed into fine ladies! Ahem! =p

Work has been slow but not without stress. Being away from school for about four years can be daunting. Many things would have changed and there’s much reading up to do. Thankfully, I have wonderful colleagues who are supportive and bosses who are encouraging. The familiar aunties who welcomed me back warmly really made me feel much at home again. And with such colleagues come nice treats too. I could only say that I’m blessed. =)

Counting my blessings.

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