Home Sweet Home.

It’s feels good to be back.

After a tiring 24-hour’s flight, we finally stepped on familiar ground. Thank God for safety.

The few days before we departed from Boston, we were trying to meet up with as many friends as we could, on top of packing and giving away the stuff that still occupied the kitchen space. Thankfully friends chipped in to help and all were done by Thursday.

On Thursday evening itself, Ken and I attended PSS’ Christmas Party at Brownstone, Back Bay, and we finally experienced what Americans do at a party such as that. Yup, after 1.25 years in Boston!

When we returned to S and K’s place after that, we were pleasantly surprised by our dear friends who have come admist their busy schedules to give us a surprise farewell. I was touched. If there should be anything that makes me think fondly of my time in Boston, it would be these God-given friends who have been so encouraging and supportive to both of us. As we sang songs and prayed, there was a great sense of gratitude, coming from the Father. This family that He has granted us, will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Would I miss Boston? I honestly don’t know. All I know is that I have been longing to come home since the beginning. There is no doubt the very sweet memories and wonderful friends that I have made but home is still here.

And a new chapter begins.

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