After the baking session…



9 Dec is one of the most memorable moments in 2011. Needless to say, this day was spent with many precious friends and of course, the hubs.

The morning was spent transporting the beloved standmixer and some other baking and kitchen stuff to VBH. We have decided that the good folks at VBH would be the best new owners for the standmixer and decided to let it go. Packing it into the box, there was no doubt a tinge of sadness that swept over me. After all, it is my first standmixer and one which the hubs so readily bought for me upon our first few months into Boston to encourage me to pursue my interest. Bidding goodbye to this faithful friend is difficult but I’m sure it will serve greater purposes in future.

Having been in Boston for over a year and this day, we finally made our way to the Symphony Hall to catch Boston Pops in action. The tickets were gifts from our small group in PSIF and sweet A wanted to help me fulfill one of my 30 to-do items and it was completed this day! The 2-hour performance was better than expected and the hubs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Evening. It was our last session with our beloved small group. Looking back, we have had very good memories with them. Somehow, this group has an¬†unexplainable attraction and I believe it has to come from the good Lord. Love and a constant desire to know God. That’s what it is. And this day, dear Nat celebrated my birthday by teaching me how to play the ukelele and bought a cheesecake for me! I’m soooo touched!

Blessed =)