While waiting…

..for the hubs to finish his class and then to head out for dinner with N chan, allow me to list the things I need/want to do when I reach my sunny island.

1. Have a cup of kopi kau siew tai, mee siam and kaya toast at Killiney.
2. Have a plate of Fried Carrot Cake (white pls. black later).
3. Facial (appointment made!)
4. Dental checkup (appointment made!)
5.  Trim and have hair treatment. Oh! My poor hair. You have truly been mistreated.
6. Run along my favourite ECP.
7. Have a meal of home-cooked food at mom’s.
8. See my nephews and pinch Dallen’s cheeks.
9. Eat a bowl of Bak Chor Mee at Blk 511.
10. Eat lots and lots of FISH! I’m deprived of this white meat here.
11. Eat at Miharu!
12. Get iphone 4S.
13. Reconnect with cell group members again.
14. Bring dad to Church for Chinese service.
15. Have wanton mee at my uncle’s stall. His wanton mee is the best, much like the ones in Hong Kong!
16. Have teochew fish porridge at Marine Parade Food Centre.
17. Have Katong Laksa.
18. Get my bum on my bike again!
19. Meet up with prospective IDs.
20. Swim, swim, swim at my favourite pool! I need the tan!



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