Bamboo Thai Restaurant

Tucked along 1616 Commonwealth Ave, you would miss the restaurant if you are not observant enough. I passed by this eatery many times on my way to Whole Foods but realised its presence only until I bought a voucher from 

We invited N Chan along since she is a Thai and would be able to determine if the food is authentically Thai and delicious. I must say we were not disappointed! We were served by very friendly waitresses and having N Chan with us is an advantage since she could use her native language to communicate with them and to recommend some of the local food to us. I especially like tod mun and crispy tamarind duck. Worth visiting!

Thai Ice Tea. Very sweet!

Tod Mun

krathong thong

All the starters and soup

Crispy Tamarind Duck and the happy gals

Fried ice-cream. Coconut and Vanilla.

Bamboo Thai Restaurant
1616 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA


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