Farewell party with PSIF small group

It’s never easy to say goodbye especially to friends whom you have come to love so dearly. This group of friends has supported us throughout our time in Boston and we have shared much joy together. A, the party planner, has designed this English afternoon tea party with a White Elephant Gift Exchange activity and it was so much fun! A, if you are reading this, I just want to say a big thank-you to you!

English Afternoon Tea. A theme thought of by A who had recently visited UK for her honeymoon.

This picture has all my favourite people in it. They are the Changs whose company we really enjoyed (they are really funny people), the Yims who is a dynamic couple and are a blessing to so many and QT whom we have got to know these past few months and is really a gem (it’s a pity we do not have the opportunity to know her more).

This couple has been of absolute help to us. Countless help.

And a box of handmade chocolates from L.A.Burdick from A. I ❤ you so much and we really had fun during the activity. I’m so going to conduct this activity in any future party back home!

And thanks to these good fellas, K and I would be attending a symphony soon! Yay!


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