For your reading pleasure

I think I’m nuts. Knowing that I have only 2 more weeks to go, I’m still borrowing this amount of books. When K went to the library with me, he asked, “You know you have not much time hor?” Of course I know but these are good books and to be able to flip through the pages and read some in detail is good enough.

Max Lucado’s books for the children are absolutely delightful. They are a reminder of your self-worth when you are chasing the wind.

Watched Eat, Pray, Love and thought it’s overrated. Many people raved about it. Is it the travelling part? The eating part? The searching of your balance? I believe many of us can be lost in different stages of our lives and would search for the ‘balance’ or identity. That’s when you drop everything and go in search of it. I can identify with that ‘lostness’ and probably have done what the author did in my 20s. So, what I love most about the movie is the portrayal of the cuisine in the three countries. =)

Christina Tosi’s Momofuku Milk Bar is a good read. Like her journey into the world of baking.

Bought, Borrowed and Stolen gives you a glimpse of the food in the different countries that the author has been throughout her lives. A book to help you understand the different cultures.

Nigella Kitchen. I would like to purchase it and add to my library. Enough said?