Myers + Chang

For the longest time, I have wanted to dine at Myers + Chang because I have been to Flour Bakery and loved the experience. Of course, I do adore Joanne Chang and would like to support her by dining at the restaurant that she and her husband managed.

So after a much needed massage which relieved the numbness in my right shoulder blade, we went over to the dining place. It was a 20-minute walk from Bolyston T-station and we could easily have missed it in the already dark 5.30pm evening.

The interior decor was what the hubs described as kitsch. It was dim and I wonder  if they were saving electricity. The friendly waitress came over and knowing that we were first-timers introduced us to the Cheap Date Nights’ menu only available on Monday and Tuesday at $40 for 2. We decided to go for that since we were thinking that the food should be good and it’s the Pig Out menu that we chose. As the name suggests, we were served the different parts of pork prepared in the various methods.

To be honest, I was disappointed. The food was salty and I couldn’t see what I was eating since it was way too dark. I wasn’t attracted by the presentation since I couldn’t really see well in the dim light. It could well be just a clump of pork and other ingredients on the plate. We thought that the bbq pork was charred (this we realised when the meat entered our mouth and not through visual). The portion was huge for us and in the end, we had to pack all of them home.

So now, these packets would serve to be our lunch and dinner. $40 for three meals for 2 people. Not a bad deal.