I’m thankful for…


1. a wonderful husband who loves me and supports every decision and venture I undertake.

2. a group of God-fearing brothers and sisters who have become family to us in this country.

3. the opportunity to learn and explore cooking and baking during this past year. I’m definitely more confident in the kitchen now.

4. good health.

5. the opportunity to have my TWA at PSS.

6. a job that is waiting for me and the privilege to work with my ex-colleagues again!

7. my family who has mostly been supportive in the decisions I made.

8. friends back home. They have been a constant encouragement via email and fb.

9. my country.

10. the Lord God on whom I can depend and who is so real in my life and loves me dearly.


One thought on “I’m thankful for…

  1. I’m thankful for a loving and all powerful God that I can always depend on.
    A loving and supportive wife that God has blessed me with.
    An inspiring and encouraging community of Christians here in Boston.
    A loving and caring community of family and friends back in Singapore.
    The ability to work in and contribute to a meaningful industry.
    The opportunity to discover that many (especially top leaders) care for and believe in what they are doing in the industry.

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