This past week…

…has been busy but meaningful.

Monday. Met with up with Y to have lunch and hear her share about her new-found faith. Had a good time of catching up. Wonderful.

Tuesday, we held a surprise birthday party for A, one that was initiated by her hubs. The preparation work was quite a bit, having to teach and film him baking and in the end, had to bake the cake for him as he was held up by his work and then rushed to complete the video. But I guess it’s all worth it since our friend was really blessed by the surprise. As long as she’s happy… =)

Wednesday, had the Taiwanese gals over to learn how to bake macarons. Again, there’s some hiccups but guess we more or less realised what caused the ‘imperfections’ in the macarons. Fun time with them and learnt some new things from our nurse friend, C.

Thursday. Thanksgiving. J invited us to her place for dinner and what a wonderful time we had. Personally, I had a good chat with her MIL who misses home so much. I don’t know why I can connect with her. Maybe she’s very much like my own mom and I do miss her too. Thankful to make new friends and be amused by little Arata.

Friday. Black Friday. Time to do some shopping! The hubs and I went downtown to purchase some clothes and we were tired after the few hours of shopping. In the evening, it’s dinner at our wonderful friend’s place and fellowship with brothers and sisters! I like!

Saturday. N came over to do her paper and with her staying with us the whole day, it gave us the urge to do our work as well. No lazing around. Time well-spent. Baked French Apple Tart again. And this time round, all the apples were used up! Yay!

Sunday. God is glorified through LC’s testimony during her baptism. What a transformation, in just a few months! God is indeed real and very much alive! It’s a wonderful privilege to witness her baptism, together with all the other precious brothers and sisters.

Another busy week ahead. Breathe in..breathe out!

I’m thankful for…


1. a wonderful husband who loves me and supports every decision and venture I undertake.

2. a group of God-fearing brothers and sisters who have become family to us in this country.

3. the opportunity to learn and explore cooking and baking during this past year. I’m definitely more confident in the kitchen now.

4. good health.

5. the opportunity to have my TWA at PSS.

6. a job that is waiting for me and the privilege to work with my ex-colleagues again!

7. my family who has mostly been supportive in the decisions I made.

8. friends back home. They have been a constant encouragement via email and fb.

9. my country.

10. the Lord God on whom I can depend and who is so real in my life and loves me dearly.