Giving thanks

This week is going to be busy, as with the Americans because Thanksgiving is round the corner. Families come together, united as one again.

Chanced upon this video. It’s on John 3:16. While we Christians know this verse by heart, I’m not sure if we understand the profound message behind it. If we know the heart of God, we would examine our lives and live as He approves. He’s always watching us, and I wonder how many times I have hurt Him by my careless words and actions.

This Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of His great love for me. In life, we will encounter difficult situations, people who are a thorn in our flesh. But I want to be reminded that He gave His life for us, all of us and that will give me the strength to love them and live a life so abundant, as He promised.

Because He first loved me.

I’m giving thanks for this life I’m having. Thank you God.


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