Monday’s not so blue

Finally, the day has arrived – presentation on Singapore Education System at BC. For months, a few good men from our org have been planning and communicating with one another on this. The mix of undergrads and grad students was a good one since most of us have been in HQ before and could lend different perspectives when we prepared for the presentation slides.

Yesterday, it was at BC and a few weeks later, Harvard.

KJ was our representative and though only a few turned up, we were glad that at least some were interested in our ed system.

Okay. Actually the highlight was not the presentation. Celebrating KJ’s belated birthday at FuGaKyu Japanese Cuisine was. Okay, to be precise, it was the food that got our full attention that evening. The sashimi, tempura …were delish! Pity that the ramen was a disappointment. Ippudo’s still the best!

The dinner was most enjoyable because of one joker in our midst. That one, is very powerful! =)

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