Sizzling in the kitchen

Yesterday was the last time we help to prepare food for the 100 people in the fellowship. It wasn’t easy doing that, having to purchase the ingredients a day before, marinate the meat (depending on what you were planning to cook) and then the actual cooking.

But it was all a lot of fun, and a lot of perspiration and stress. Given about 2.5 hours to do everything, it’s a race against time for us amateurs. At the end of it, everyone enjoyed it and was satisfied. Oh! The joy of cooking!

Have decided to document the last session with pics. For memory’s sake.

The pots and pans are super big and heavy. You need muscles in the kitchen and being tall has its advantage.

We had our fill first before getting started. The fried carrot cake at the Vietnamese Sandwich store reminded me of home and HK.

SL wanted to make 宫保鸡丁. What a lot of chicken to be diced.

Getting down to work. Testing knife skills.

The cooks started to cook while the rest continued to prepare the ingredients.

Hard at work @ 11.50am.

The kitchen is a busy place especially when the time draws near for lunch.

The fruits of our labour. Serving time. Filling hungry mouths.

More pics here.

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