WA @ PSS: Art Lessons

For the past couple of weeks, I have been spending time with Louisa, the Art teacher in PSS. She is an enthusiastic teacher and cannot stop sharing with me about the different techniques of Art. While assisting her, I had a good glimpse of the Art curriculum and was really marvelled by it. I only learnt some of the techniques in Secondary school! And judging by the works of the students, they were of really high standards.

I believe when the teacher sets high expectations and guide the students in achieving them, there is no limit to how much one can achieve.

First up, I was walking towards the Specialists’ room (for Spanish, reading specialist and drama teacher) when I came across this piece of mural. It looks a tad messy but it does show some images of Boston in Fall. And then when I look at who were the creators, I smiled. It’s the Kindergarteners!

Yesterday, when I went in to help Louisa, the first class was the Kindergarteners. They had their oil pastel drawings returned and this time round, they are going to paint over them. The results were amazing…for Kindergarten level!

The students adding paint colours to the drawings.

An artist in the making. When I chatted with her, she told me that her mother used to be an artist herself!

After the class, Louisa shared with me the techniques of drawing using pencils, chalk and paint. The Art curriculum in the school includes foil, claywork and using recycling materials, amongst others. She was so passionate that she kept on sharing, even when it ate into her ‘free’ time.

According to Louisa, these sets of painting palettes are good!

Left: Louisa showing me the light and dark tone in drawing a vase.
Right: A Kindergartener’s work using foam and paint.

A student working on foil.

As Louisa shared, I got more and more interested in Art and to link with other subjects. She was sharing with me that Art can be infused into all subjects (of course) like social studies and Science. And I have seen with my own eyes how she integrated Art into these. Since the students studied the different era like the Romans and the Greek, they got to create works representing those eras. Louisa also taught them the different periods in Art History, like the Modern Art, the Baroque, the classics, etc. Whoah! All these in elementary school! Amazing! I don’t even know the different periods in art and have to educate myself through going to the museums!

The Art curriculum in PSS is really very rich and I have invited Louisa to come to my school next year to share with my Art teachers. And I certainly hope that it will work out!

Below is a 8-minute clip on what she shared with me in class on 9 Nov 2011. The password is ParkStrSch.

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