This is our uniquely colloquial language, Singlish. It’s nothing wrong since it’s part of our identity. The problem, I’m afraid, is that students thought that that is the standard language. It’s truly a battle for us when they come in with such a notion. There’s once when my students asked me if I came from Britain!!!?? I was merely speaking standard English (I don’t believe I spoke with any accent)!

Being able to distinguish between Singlish and standard English is important and thereby, code-switching.

Monday bakes

The bananas that Yumi brought over on Friday are ripe and ready to be turned into a banana bread. I have baked this a few times and they have received raved review. No harm baking again. Brekky for the next few days!

And since I have chocolate ganache lying in the fridge, I might as well bake chocolate macarons. I really want to improve my technique. I made a few mistakes but in the end, the presentation turns out ok though I’m not sure about the texture. My friends would have to be guinea pigs again while I try and try again.

Too runny a batter! Darn!

Inconsistent sizes =(

Macarons in a ramekin

Chocolate macarons!


I find it strange to see snow on green. But it’s a refreshing sight as we opened the main door after the previous night’s snowstorm which dumped up to 30 inches of heavy wet snow in parts of the state and our area, a few inches.

White Witch cast a spell in the land of Narnia! Thankfully, it was soon broken.

On a quiet Sunday morning.

Farewell to our friend, James.

Shabu Shabu with a group of special and close friends.

Thank you Lord for all these.