My Savior, my God.

I consider all things rubbish, all my achievements and ambitions, present, past and future, if the ultimate end is not for His glory. If I should be a good helper to my husband, it should be for His sake. If I should be a good worker and friend, it should be for His glory, that people could sense His love through me. If I should be a daughter whom my parents would be pleased with, it should be because I want to point the folks to His transforming power in my life. If I should be a caring mother, it should be because He has placed in me a responsibility so great that I could not do anything less than a well-done job. Yes, mediocrity is detestable for He gave His best for me.

He must increase, and I must decrease.

The wedding

Since coming here, I have missed at least 3 of my friends’ wedding. Before I was married, I disliked attending weddings, finding it a waste of my time. But since I got united with da man, it has a whole new meaning for me and missing my friends’ weddings saddened me (see how marriage can change a person!).

All was not lost as we got to witness R and A’s wedding yesterday. It was beautiful, the bride no doubt, but the whole ceremony gave God the due credit and that’s splendid.

We may have only known R and A for about a year but they have indeed made an impact on our lives through their dedication to the Lord and His people. A, especially, like what her college friend said to us during the reception, is hard not to like and indeed, we love this wonderful woman to bits. As she entered the sanctuary all dazzling in white and marched down the aisle to Canon in D, I found myself overwhelmed by emotions. Tears just welled up. And I’m not the only one. I heard Janet sniffing and her eyes watery. A, you have such magical powers over us!

The wedding reception at Harvard Club was with so much fun, especially the dancing part. The atmosphere lightened as we enjoyed one another’s company. The couple gave the first dance (and boy, did they dance well!) and the older folks joined in with such enthusiasm and energy! How could you not want to participate? It was an awesome sight! Yesterday was just beautiful with wonderful people and an amazing God.

Blessed marriage, R and A. And…the journey has just begun. Smile!