CSCA – Petit Four

I’m a bit disappointed that basic pate-a-choux  is taught as part of the lesson series Petit Four and Macarons. I thought that it would touch on more of those tartlets stuff that we often eat at buffets. That forms a small part, no doubt, but a lot more time was spent on pate-a-choux which I have learnt before.

Nothing was lost, of course since different chefs teach different things and each time you learn something new. The following are examples of the various cream puffs and eclairs that we made from pate-a-choux dough. Something new I learnt was the fondant icing that was used on the eclairs. Normally, I would just use chocolate ganache but the use of the fondant creates better shine and taste. And Chef D showed us how dirty sugar (those that we bought from supermarkets) can be when he taught us to clean the sugar when making fondant, an important step to do if you want a good feel of  fondant when it’s in your mouth.

 These small tarts are from Pate Sucre.

And we took back 2 boxes of goodies plus a bag of pate-a-choux empty shells.

Next lesson. Macarons! So looking forward to it!