The {mis}adventures of apple picking

If you asked me to choose between visiting farms and theme parks, my answer would undoubtedly be the former. As an urbanite who grew up with all things man-made, I would much prefer to be with nature and learning how they come about. So when Ken bough the tickets for us to go for apple picking, I was thrilled!

The trip was organised by BC Graduate Student Association and cost $15/pax which includes 10 lb. apple picking bag, haywagon ride, hedge maze, a caramel apple, a cider donut and a 16 oz bottle of cider. Not a bad deal since the 45 min of transport is included too. Oh, something worth mentioning – we took the yellow school bus to Honey Pot Hill Orchards! All of us (BC students) were thrilled. Back to the past!

The weather was terrific for adventures such as this and everyone was in high spirits. Let’s go pick apples!

First stop is to refuel (though we had done nothing much in the morning!). Cider donuts and caramel apples! We went with Lana, a Malaysian and she is such a fun person to be with!

Then we went on to get ourselves lost in the hedge maze. The kids (human GPS) gave us some hint to get to our destination but some purposely gave us wrong directions! =p

I didn’t know there are so many different types of apples until today and when I googled it, I was amazed! MANY types! Some of those available in the orchards are Cortland, Spencer, Empire and Mcintosh, to name a few. Apparently, there is a way to pick apples.


The fruits of your labour is to eat the fruits that you picked.

Twin apples!

Ken, as usual, gets all excited when he talks about education.

And the clumsy Lynn has to get into trouble. A splinter got into her palm as she tried to ascend the ladder to pick more delicious-looking apples. Oops! Ken looked on in pain. But it’s my palm that’s hurt!

But apple picking has to go on!

Then we had a rest to enjoy the beautiful foliage and claim our bottles of cider!

Yummy drinks!

Our last activity would be to take the hayride. Of all things, I had to drop my Lumix camera into the muddy water. Sigh! Thankfully, it still works. =)

Oh! I really love apple-picking. No wonder the Americans themselves love it too and the locals who went with us were reminiscing their apple-picking days! Thank you, dear hubs for initiating this activity! I ❤ it very much!

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