SG buzz @ Boston

Joy informed us that there was a talk cum dinner organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit and we thought we should check it out since the invited guest was Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost (whose blog I like reading) and free Singaporean food! While we were exhausted from the apple-picking trip, we thought we should just press on.

Thankfully we did. Dr Tay gave a superb and appetite-whetting sharing on the history of our hawker food. Boy, we seriously felt that it was a terrific session, both informational and fun. He was both factual and humourous at the same time and at the end of his sharing, we felt really proud of being a Singaporean, with reference to our local food. Oh of course, I felt that I’m back home again, with all my fellowmen and uniquely Singapore Standard English floating in the air.

I think there indeed might come a day when some of our local food will face ‘extinction’ since the next generation of locals would not aspire to learn the trade from their parents, preferring more professional kind of work like bankers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. Sure we could employ foreign workers to do the job but something is lost by doing so, I feel. 

I do feel a lot about food, especially after a year of learning to cook and bake in my own kitchen. It’s highly educational and fascinating and food forms a great part of our culture. Having said that, I really ought to continue to learn the craft from my mama and koko!

By the way, I think his book is worth buying if you want to know the history of our local food.



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