WA @ PSS: I did morning meeting

I think I suck at classroom management now.

Mr Fortier asked me if I wanted to lead morning meeting with the kids today while he used the time to test some pupils using DRA. To be honest, I was scared stiff. I mean, how long ago did I last teach? About 4 years ago! And today we are talking about the kindergartens and I have never taught them before! Apart from this thought was the fact that there are cultural differences and our accents are different thus affecting comprehensibility and more importantly, I do not know their names.

But I did it anyway. My classroom management wasn’t excellent. I lost them in the middle of it and I did not manage the time well. Sigh! Big boo boo to me. Guess I need to practise more!

The kindergarteners at Literacy

This photo is taken during centre time when students are allocated to different tasks and after completing that task, they can have the choice of activities (Lego, Play-Doh, etc). One of the centres is ABC and students have to find the lower case of the letters. While they small letters are so obvious presenting before my eyes, the children had a hard time looking for them. I guess this is part of development * think Piaget*.

Back to PSS, I went up to Louisa’s art class and wanted to apologise that I stepped out suddenly in the morning (cos Charlotte called for me). In the end, I stayed on to help her with the Grade 5s and I thought I did a better job communicating with these kids, the seemingly naughtiest ones. Oh! How I like to talk sense rather than to kids. =p