Boston Half Marathon 2011

It will be our last race in Boston.

The weather’s great, not too cold, the shuttling to the race site was smooth and the runners encouraging.

Ken and I ran at a good pace for the first half of the distance until his muscles started to tighten and eventually cramped up. He has hit the wall. It got so bad that he couldn’t run well anymore.

It was frustrating. In the beginning, the run was great. I really thought with that pace, we could make it back in good timing. However, when you hit the wall and couldn’t get rid of the lactic acid, that’s basically it. It’s even worse that that there was no deep heat or anyone who could do some massage at the medical post.

I believe Ken was equally frustrated since he’s the one experiencing it.

* So I tried looking for any tube of deep heat that have been discarded by runners. With my eyes fixed on the ground, I saw a familiar bottle. Ah! That’s hope to ease the cramp! So I scooped out whatever was left in the bottle and applied it on Ken’s thighs and massaging them at the same time. I really thought it was deep heat ( apparently, I was thinking right). It was after the race that I realised the bottle which I have mistaken for deep heat was actually¬†Vaseline¬†lubricant! My goodness! What was I thinking??!!¬†

But we crossed the finish line still, as a couple and that’s more important. His legs got so cramped up that in the end, he had to be wheeled into the medical area. Whoah!

All was well in the end! Yay!

A burrito to replenish all that’s lost. =)