I had long wanted to visit Boston Common Coffee and Co. for a while now as I’m captivated by the facade of the coffee joint.

However, I was sorely disappointed when we stepped in. The interior decor was uncoordinated, distasteful to a certain extent. Since we were already inside, we might as well just bummed there as planned. Thankfully, the drinks are affordable and the place not too noisy for us to do some reading.

And then it’s off to Mike’s Pastry – Italian pastries. We had often seen people with the store’s boxes in their hands and wondered if its baked goods are really fabulous. So we decided to try and bought the cannoli.

Yay! I’ve got a box in my hands too!

Had a picnic with Juliet, her son, her MIL and KJ. Half the time, Juliet was distracted by the son who was lured by the squirrels at the Common. The kid was just so energetic. Fortunately for her, her MIL came to take care of the little one during her stay here. Otherwise, I would think it is immensely challenging to study and have to take care of the young kid at the same time!

And then we ran into demonstration ‘Occupy Boston‘. Interesting.


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