WA @ PSS: Parent Association Meeting

I’m not sure if this is common but as I stepped into the school gym this morning, I was amazed by the turnout of the parents – there must be at least 40 of them!

They were present for the Parent Association Meeting and for a school with a total enrollment of at most 180 students, it tells me something – that they were truly committed to their children’s learning by being involved in the school. Well, I could be cynical by saying that they have to be or should be interested in their children’s schooling since they paid a HUGE sum for the school fees each year but I would like to think otherwise.

The one-hour meeting with the parents was mostly chaired by the parents themselves. There is a committee of course and they chair the various areas:

Library/Book Fair
Community Cares
Teacher Appreciation
Parent Breakfast ( I like!)
Class Parents – update the portal on classroom activities and plan class parties

One of the committee members said this,”I really love PSS. I came for the open house when my first kid was 2 years old. And now, I have 2 kids in the school and the third one still adjusting to the Fall weather in New England. This school is truly amazing.”

If I have parents who give such comments about my school the next time, that will be such a great encouragement to the teachers. I will definitely give him/her a box of macarons to show my appreciation in return. =p

So, we have parents who truly adore the school and they themselves have become friends with one another and formed a network to serve the school. How neat! Parents who genuinely show interest unlike some of the ones we have – those who serve in a bid to increase the chance of their child enrolling in the school and once their child gets into the school, their service stops. I’m sorry to give such a comment but as you can tell, I am not for this idea. Period.

The only time that the school staff came on to address the parents was when the principal updated the crowd with the school’s homework policy and its curriculum. Nice. I like that the school informs the parents about their stance on homework.

On another note. The reading specialist finally came today! Yay! I certainly hope I could have the chance to interact with her and find out exactly what she does in terms of intervention in reading. Would it be the same as LSC?

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