WA @ PSS: On Teaching Letter Writing & reading aloud

Observation at Ms May’s class ( 29 Sept 2011)

1. Morning meeting. Eva talked about today’s date and weather.

“Today is …… Yesterday was….” Teaching the concept of ‘is’ and ‘was’. Have a student use a pair of binoculars to look out for the weather and report back.

2. Shelby introduced a book called Tom Thumb. Asked students where they think the story originated – which continent –> geography, social studies. The story is one of fiction and folktale which Shelby got the class to recite ‘F, Fiction, Folktake, Fake’.

3. During read-aloud, the following was observed: Teacher asked questions to check for understanding, meaning of words, predictions.

4. After reading, teacher asked questions – (1) Did you predict correctly? (2) Explain what your prediction is.

a. Affirm students’ retelling and also explain what retelling is.

b. When student couldn’t answer, he could ‘phone’ a friend –> getting a friend to answer.

c. Have pupils picture themselves in the position of the characters.”How do you like it?”

d. Introduce new word – Commotion. Use body language to show it. Encourage students to use the word in class. Link the word back to the story.

Then the lesson proceeded to Phonics. The following video is on teaching letter writing by Eva.

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