Is that your lunch?

So, in the school I’m attached to, the teachers have about 20 – 30 minutes for their lunch before they have to go for their next lesson. In the staff lounge, during lunch time, one of the conversational topics is on the food that you bring to the table.

I brought my 2 muffin-sized brioche and Jo asked, “Is that your lunch?”

“Yup!” And I saw guilt on his face as he consumed another mouthful of pasta.

“Is that enough?”

“Yup! Don’t look down on them. They are rich with eggs and butter!”

Obviously, those two buns would not be enough. I just had no time to make a proper meal but they were enough to sustain me for a few more hours in school. We went on to talk about how difficult it is to prepare the lunchbox when you first get up in the morning and one of the ways to solve the problem is definitely to cook more the previous evening so that you can have the extra for lunch.

Perhaps I should be consistent in my effort to prepare a good lunchbox. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. No excuses. I’ll make an effort from next week onwards.

These poor teachers. They work round the clock from 8am to 3pm with a 30-minutes recess. And if they have extra duties, the hours could go on to about 5pm.

Same as us… sama sama. Just that we still stay on or continue to work at home to grade the papers and prepare for the next day’s lessons.

That day will come soon.

Oops… erase those thoughts. Mantra: work-life balance! Work-life balance!


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