Back to pastry class again and this time it’s evening class – 4 hours each – from 6pm to 10pm and yesterday, it overran. The poor hubs was waiting outside for me. Hopefully, he won’t have to wait that long in winter.

Our instructor is Master Pastry Chef Delphin Gomes. Since he’s French, his English is heavily accented. He doesn’t believe in following recipes, preferring that we know the concepts and thus what’s in the notes are just the ingredients for the different pastry products – croissant, brioche, puff pastry, custard, etc.

His class is light and entertaining, yet challenging and fast-paced at the same time. Time is crucial when rolling out the dough. The longer you roll, the worse it gets. And chef went to every one of us to make sure we roll out the dough well before folding them.

It’s all about rolling, rolling, rolling yesterday.

Croissant dough, folding into thirds – one turn.

Chef showing the window pane.I realised I really need to have my brioche dough get kneaded well before adding the butter. Yup, the recipe book doesn’t say that. Like Chef commented in jest, recipe are bound to fail, so that they can come out with more books. =p

The bulging dough. Risen.

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