The weekends.

They will get packed as the weeks progress.

Ken was asked (= “arrowed’) to lead a training session for the FOCUS volunteers on Saturday. Though he felt truly inadequate to do that, he went ahead with the session, turning it more into a sharing session rather than a training one since he felt he was not an expert in that area, with his limited experience. His willingness to help was admirable and seeing him so zealous is a great encouragement. A lot to learn, dude, but terrific job nonetheless!

Chilling out after the session. Having Pumpkin Spice Latte, a seasonal edition which I cannot appreciate.

And to satisfy my craving for laksa, we hunt down the place to have a near-authentic one (Singapore’s version) at No 1 Noodle House @ 51, Langley Road, Newton Centre, MA 02459. It was close to the ones I have had at home, just that the bowl I had did not have cockles and it was not spicy. But the gravy was the coconut version rather than the assam flavour at Penang Restaurant. Yay! I’m happy and it is indeed a good way to spend our 2nd wedding anniversary (eve?)!

The combination Laksa.


4 thoughts on “The weekends.

  1. Do you know there’s instant laksa now that really tastes like laksa? Haha… Shd hv come on the shelved before u guys left. They u can bring some packets with u.

    • Yup! I know. We are down to one box now. =) Not many boxes to begin with anyway. It’s just the thrill of looking for an eatery that sells Singapore Laksa….=)

  2. No… No… This one doesn’t come on boxes. It’s packets of instant noodles. Like myojo kinda instant noodles. Not the premix which I think you’re talking abt.

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