I’m not sure what caused them to crack. I was shocked when the first batch came out and tried to remedy the situation by using an extra baking sheet. In addition to that, I turned down the temperature to 325F instead of 375F.

No luck.

And there was no pied or foot, the pleatlike frills at the bottom of each macaron. No pied, no macarons. I have failed.


The good hubs encouraged me, telling me that the ‘macarons’ still taste the same. Oh well, it’s not the same anymore. It’s just not macarons with the cracks and without pied.

I’ll try again! It must be the weather! Humidity is an enemy to these finicky cookies. Or another possibility is that I’ve overmixed. Argh!

* Possible cause for no pied – drying the mixture too much. The length of drying time for macarons varies from season to season. Try to set your air conditioner at “dry” mode or use an electric fan on a humid day in order to quicken the drying process and create a smooth texture. (Hisako Ogita of i ❤ macarons).

The next time I bake macarons, it will be Autumn.

Aged egg whites

Cracked! And the matcha doesn’t add too much colour to the cookies. Must add colouring!

No feet!