Happy Mid-week! Buckwheat Cookies

A few months ago, my friend A gave me a 1/2 bagful of organic buckwheat flour. “I’m done with the amount of flour that I need and I don’t know what to do with the reminder. Since you like to bake, maybe you will find some use with it.”

I actually don’t know too. I came across some recipes like buckwheat crepe and failed. It was stored in my freezer (do store specialty flour in this compartment of the refrigerator to ensure longer life span) until this recipe popped up before my eyes. I had my doubts. I mean, will anything with buckwheat taste good?

And they are delicious. Perhaps it’s because of the amount of butter that they taste like butter cookies to me, masking a little of the buckwheat flavour. The author, Amanda Hesser of The Essential New York Times Cookbook, commented that these cookies have an engaging flavour and not too much sugar and are great with tea. I concur. Come to think of it, they actually taste quite like the digestive biscuits I used to adore.

Mid-week. Weekends are marching in!

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