School’s starting!

I’m excited! School’s starting and that means time will fly past quickly and before we know it, it’s time to go back to the island!

Tmr is PSS’ parents’ orientation so I won’t be around to prepare lunch for da man. He has agreed to learn to cook one more dish and he learnt how to fry carrot cake! While we didn’t get to buy the pre-made radish cake, it is possible to make one yourself.

First, shred the radish

Steam the radish until it's translucent

Mix the steamed radish with rice flour and steam again

The rest of the ingredients (part of them)

Da man at work

Da man's version. Good job!

Yay! Now da man can cook one more dish, in addition to the fried rice. More to come? =p

2 thoughts on “School’s starting!

  1. Eh. no lah. Without my wife watching, I will forget the fish sauce, the salt, and just about everything else… I tried it today when she was out. The color was nice, but it was so bland….

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