WA @ PSS: School is starting

These few days, I have been attending staff meetings, training and helping out at PSS. It’s great to be back at school and on my first day of staff meeting, I was so overwhelmed by the joy of the teachers when they met one another. It’s like…they have not seen each other for ages and the sense I got from them is -they love one another. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile to help and that includes the principal and the head of schools. They are very…hands-on.

From this...

Besides attending the meeting and training, I was tasked to help the three kindergarten teachers set up the new place. They have relocated and fixtures and decor need to be put up. My word! The many things that they have to do! I was happy to be able to help a teeny weeny bit.

..to this. And more to do!

My initial thought? I felt blessed to be a teacher in a country in which the government places emphasis in the area of education. We have ample opportunities to be trained during in-service and be offered with various forms of scholarship. Our teachers are not faced with the threat of being axed when the funds get low and we are blessed with good facilities in schools.

That’s just my thoughts after 3 days with them. There probably will be more revelations as I stay with them longer. We’ll see.


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