Saying goodbye.

This is the period when we bid farewell to friends whom we have known for the past one year. Many are due to return to their countries after their studies and saying sayonara can sometimes be difficult especially.

The first to go off is CM whom we have grown fond of, especially his funny self. But more so, we will miss his questions during small group. Valid questions they are and at times, difficult to explain.

We had fun together and I really like the humour that the Taiwanese have. I believe I will miss this group when the rest of the Taiwanese go back by the end of this year.

We had a farewell dinner at Cheers, home of the Bull and Finch Pub, where exterior shots for the TV show¬†Cheers¬†were filmed. Don’t ask me what that show is because I have no clue!

I’m not sure what is so special about this pub. The food is certainly not palatable. The fish and chips that we ordered was bland, the bowl of Boston Baked Beans was none too flavourful, and the Buffalo wings a tad too sourish. =(

At least, we enjoyed the company of our friends and that’s what matters.

Cheers Boston
84 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02108