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PSIF retreat @ Camp Laurel, Maine

I left for Camp Laurel with a heavy heart. Receiving the email the night before potentially disrupts the plan that I have for the coming year. It’s not a bad thing. In fact, it is a pleasant surprise but there are more considerations now. I am once again reminded that I can plan for all I want but it is the Lord that determines our every future step. I can only say, “I surrender”, and watch what He’s doing in our lives.

The 3-hour ride to Camp Laurel was rather smooth and our driver, KT, decided to depart for the destination earlier since we could enjoy the facilities more as compared to arriving close to midnight (thankfully, we were able to play a game of frisbee and watch the gorgeous sunset). At the back of our minds was the news of the impending Hurricane Irene which would be making her way to New England. Many were keeping watch by being updated of the news every now and then.

The trip was short-lived and we headed back to Boston the next day due to the storm. Gray clouds were already threatening to fill the sky in Maine at around 2pm and we heard that Boston was already starting to pour. Safety is the priority and we decided to leave for home. Thankfully, we were able to have our morning meeting and catching up with our mentors and getting to know new friends. A few of us managed to throw in some time for boating before bidding sayorana to the camp.

Short-lived but definitely meaningful.