Boston Restaurant Week: KO Prime Steakhouse

So this is our third and last restaurant for the BRW and we chose KO Prime Steakhouse because I wanted to have a taste of how they do their beef. It shouldn’t be anything short of expectation since the menu is developed by James Beard Award-winning Chef Ken Oringer.

Our first course include grilled sweet corn chowder and watermelon & smoked feta salad. Ken loves the corn chowder which surprises me since he is not a fan of corn while I find the watermelon in the salad to be rather chunky. It’s hard to place a big piece into my small mouth =p. I find the vinaigrette a tad acidic.

Next, the main course which is our favourite. We have Spice Rubbed Petite Filet of Beef and Slow Roasted BBQ Berkshire Pork Belly. Ken loves both dishes and I cannot agree more. In fact, I normally keep pork belly at a distance but KO Prime has done hers well. Crisp skin and tender meat at the same time. Ken’s filet of beef is succulent and the man is satisfied with his meat indeed.  Oh! And I love the griddled corn bread. Thumbs up!

Dessert is a bit disappointing. After a fantastic main course, you are expecting more from the sweet stuff but out came Lemon Verbena and Mixed Berry Shortcake and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Bar. I’m not saying that they are bad, just that they fall short of expectation. I was expecting something more creative and light. A shortcake at the end of the meal seems rather heavy and the ice cream bar seems like a magnum to me.

It’s still good as a whole. Ken is a meat-guy and he finds this meal the most satisfying while I prefer Rialto. However, I must stress again – the pork belly is good.

90 Tremont Street

Boston , MA 02108


Ken’s Thoughts – Culturally Relevant Teaching

After repeated reminders from the wife that I should write more and share my thoughts with the world, I’ve decided that it would be best not to re-invent the wheel.

Essentially, I was already spending hours drafting and re-drafting papers for my course, and these reflect much of my personal beliefs on educational matters. So instead of re-writing new articles, why not just use the ones I’ve already written?


The following paper – Learning Environment – Culturally Relevant Instruction – is one that started as a very broad topic, but which I shaped to represent much of my thoughts on education, with a slant towards those who may experience cultural (not necessarily racial) difficulties in the education system they find themselves in.


As you, faithful reader, spend your time on the following article, do let us know how you like it. You are, after all, the reason why I’m writing in the first place.


Do you think this is a bad idea? Is the article too long? Too wordy? Does it lack the ‘oomph’ of shorter tirades? Would you prefer me to return to writing shorter notes?


Or perhaps you love the idea? The length is just nice for you to read at night, and has proved to be such a wonderful cure for insomnia that you think I should patent it?


We’d love to hear from you!

11.30am onwards…

I have been baking and cooking. And then realised I still have not enough time to prepare food for the small group.

Green tea financiers

 Burger buns which look so much like pong pia.

Preparing Brioche dough for the next day

Mantra for the day: Bake/cook, wash and then dry.

Fried radish cake for small group. Radish cake didn’t turn out well; it needs more time in the steamer and the portion is not enough! Nonetheless, have improved.

Not enough time! The hubs to help! Green Pea Fritters to add to the inadequate amount of fried radish cake. But, it’s not really a popular dish. =(

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