Since we are a step nearer to purchasing our home (actually still a long way to go), it shouldn’t be too early to do some initial research into the design of the apartment.

The question, “What do you envision yourself to be in five years’ time?”, is a common one asked. When it comes to housing, the question then would be, “Can you envision your new home?”

I certainly can! I think I even know the colour combination! Of course, the more you read up, the more you can get confused too! An extra pair of eyes would definitely help and thus an ID would come in useful. Once we go through the 1st appointment, I’m ready to look for one. In fact, I have one in mind already. Hopefully, she is free to do mine.

Came across useful tips on colours from one of my favourite websites regarding home. I thought the content from the video series is rather informative, at least for me who know very little about such things.

The following is on Colour families. Go on and watch the others! I like the one on the 80/20 rule too.

ย Which of the following hues do you like?







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