Boston Restaurant Week: Rialto

It’s Jody Adam’s Rialto we went for a 3-course dinner. Anticipating that it would be much food – at times more than we could handle – we decided to have a light lunch so that we had space for this US$33.11 meal.

Situated on the 2nd floor of Charles Hotel, we were 20 minutes early but the waitress graciously sat us by a 2-seater table. The decor was cosy and the atmosphere light. Jazzy music was playing in the background and I hummed along to Norah Jones’ number.

Overall, the hubs and I enjoyed the dinner. Our server was attentive to us and the food tastefully decorated. Fish was fresh, as with the vegs too. Ken loved the popover with the tangy touch to it. I…just love everything about the food. The amount was just nice and didn’t leave us with a bloated stomach.


Charred beef carpaccio...bean salad, tomatoes, pickles

Ceviche of local fish... sea salt, mint oil, pickled watermelon

Grilled bluefish... grilled razor clam, bacon, garlic potatoes, cucumber sauce

Grilled pork sausage...chic peas, grilled romaine, Aleppo, feta

Sweet cinnamon popover with blueberry peach compote and lemon mascarpone mousse

Chocolate torta with sweet corn ice cream, cornmeal crisp, chili crème anglaise and corn nut croquant

Pardon the grainy pictures. Forgot to bring my camera along! Sigh!